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I'm Aimee, a Front-end Web Developer

Building responsive websites

"I’m passionate about clean looking websites that work really well on all devices."

I'm a Front-End Web Developer, based in Milton Keynes, I build simple and stylish responsive websites

Recent Work

Take a look at my portfolio of all work I have perviously done for friends. Static and Wordpress Websites

african diaspora foundation

African Diaspora Foundation

The African Diaspora Foundation is a non profit charity based in Milton Keynes, UK.


Pie in the Sky Tea Rooms

A Cute little Tea Room in Hemel Hemstead


JavaScript Projects

These are just some small projects to pratice my Javascript/jQuery skills. More can be viewed here

FreeCodeCamp Twitch API project

Mini Travel App

Made with Javascript, and stores your places you add into localstorage.

FreeCodeCamp Weather API

Weather API

FreeCodeCamp Project using a weather API to get the local weather


Angular 2 Photo Blog

Just a mini Angular 2 project where you can add comments to photos.


Canvas Drawing App

Using canvas and javascript to draw, you can input numbers to create shapes